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Conference Attendance and Representational Activities

The objectives of ARB Conference Attendance and Representational Activities grants are to support participation in national and international conferences of major scholarly significance, as well as representational activities for scholars who hold executive office in scholarly organizations; thereby contributing to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the Humanities, Social Sciences and Business and the enhancement of the stature of the participant and the University.

Priority will be given to applicants requesting support for the presentation of a peer-adjudicated submission at a major, learned conference.

The Arts Research Board will consider applications for Conference Attendance and Representational Activities grants by Canadian scholars who hold office in international scholarly organizations to attend management and policy meetings of these organizations.


Application Process:

Each year there are two Conference Attendance and Representational Activities grant competitions:

  • Spring competition – Deadline March 31st
  • Fall competition – Deadline October 31st

A completed Conference Attendance and Representational Activities grant application form must be received by ROADS by 4:30pm on the deadline date.



Refer to the detailed eligibility guidelines.


The maximum allowable Conference grant is $4,000. Please note that researchers who submit multiple applications to the same competition or who submit an application to more than one competition within two fiscal years (April 1 to March 31) will be awarded a maximum of $4,000 over the two year period.

  • Awards are granted for a period of 12 months. Any grant funds not used by the end of that period will be returned to the ARB.
  • In cases where a joint paper is to be presented, only one author will be supported unless an exceptional circumstance can be demonstrated.
  • Funds awarded in a competition are exclusively for the conference applied for (conference named in application awarded) and cannot be used for another conference.
  • An expense report for Conference travel must be submitted to the Research Finance office within one year of the grant award.

Evaluation Criteria:

Conference Attendance and Representational Activities grant applications will be reviewed for the following:

  • Significance of the conference (e.g., the conference’s importance to the dissemination of results or research);
  • Justification of the financial expenditures (e.g. is the budget justified for the Conference proposed);
  • Contribution to the candidate’s long range research plan; and
  • Applicant’s scholarly contributions relative to the stage of career (e.g., publications, reviews, abstracts, conference presentations over the last five years).

Final Report:

To be eligible for future ARB funding, within six months of the conference travel for which ARB funding was awarded a completed ARB Conference Attendance and Representational Activities Final Report form must be submitted to ROADS.

More information:

If you have any questions about the ARB, please contact Muriel Gervais, Research Analyst, at or extension 21756.

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