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Genome Canada and CIHR: 2015 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Competition RFA

Genome Canada in partnership with CIHR
2015 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Competition
Request for Applications

Notify ROADS of Intent to Apply by November 16th
Draft Registration due to Ontario Genomics by November 30th



Genome Canada, in partnership with the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), is seeking proposals for research projects to address any aspect of bioinformatics and computational biology (B/CB) as it relates to genomics.  Proposals with applications across all of Genome Canada’s sectors are welcome: agriculture and agri-food; fisheries and aquaculture; forestry; energy; environment; mining; human health.  

The major objectives of this Request for Applications (RFA) are to:

1.  support the development of next generation bioinformatics and computational biology tools and methodologies, that will be required by the research community to deal with the influx of large amounts of data produced by modern genomics technologies; and
2.  provide broad access of these new bioinformatics, computational biology software tools and algorithms to the research community.

Of particular interest are proposals addressing problems associated with current data handling and analysis, and proposals addressing challenges arising from handling and analysis of data emerging from new technologies. CIHR will support proposals in the area of human health.  CIHR recognizes that the application of current technologies in genomics would create health-related data sets of unprecedented size and complexity, such that advanced computational tools are required for their analysis.

To be eligible for this competition, proposals must meet the following requirements:

.  the proposal must respond to the objectives of the competition stated above; and

.  the essential components and outcomes of the proposed project must be sufficiently targeted to the requirements of the genomics research community.

This competition provides an opportunity for individuals or small groups to 1) propose innovative ideas with the potential for significant impact that will disrupt current practices in the B/CB community, and to 2) stimulate the B/CB community to address real world challenges and currently recognized needs in the field.  Applications should also encourage the involvement of researchers from a variety of other disciplines including, but not limited to, biology, statistics and mathematics. Sharing of resources and expertise through inter-regional or international collaboration is encouraged at all levels.

There is $4 million available for this competition, with the Government of Canada providing $2 million through Genome Canada and $2 million through CIHR’s Roadmap Accelerator Fund.

.  Co-funding is not required.

.  There will be a maximum investment of $250,000 in an individual project; this will be provided by Genome Canada, CIHR, or a combination of the two.

.  Projects requiring less than $125,000 will not be considered unless well justified.

.  Successful projects will be awarded funding for a term of up to 2 years.


Application process:
If you plan to submit a Draft Registration, please contact Grace Kim, Assistant Director, Development, Research Office for Administration, Development, and Support (ROADS), at or extension 24765, by November 16th.

Draft Registrations are due to Ontario Genomics by November 30th. Final Registrations are due to Ontario Genomics by December 9th

Eligible registrations are due to Genome Canada by December 11th.  Review of eligibility of registrations by Genome Canada will be completed by December 18th.  Only registrations that have passed Genome Canada’s initial screening process will be invited to submit draft full Applications.   

More information:
Additional information regarding the 2015 Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Competition RFA can be found on the Ontario Genomics website at: