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Genome Canada, Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) Round 7

Genome Canada
Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) Round

Notify ROADS of Intent to Apply by April 26, 2016

Draft Expression of Interest due to ROADS by May 2, 2016
Draft Expression of Interest due to Ontario Genomics by May 10, 2016


Genome Canada has announced the Genomics Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) Round 7.  Genome Canada is seeking proposals for small-scale proof-of-concept or pilot projects, through to large-scale projects, which focus on: 1) the partnership of industry (the end user/user) and academic researcher(s); 2) the application of genomics to solve specific key sector issues, challenges, or opportunities.

Genome Canada will fund applied research projects that have defined end user partners (e.g. companies, industry consortia, government departments or agencies, or not-for-profits) and create economic wealth and social benefit for Canadians.  The GAPP will support projects that have direct or indirect impacts on human health, or have socio-economic benefits in other sectors of importance to Canada’s economy (e.g., agriculture, fisheries, forestry, energy, mining and the environment).  The proposed socio-economic benefits to Canada must be significant (e.g., provide a competitive advantage to Canadian industry, improve public policy, or enhance the cost-effectiveness of the healthcare system).

The GAPP aims to :


·         promote the application of genomics-derived solutions to address key sector challenges or opportunities facing users - user “pull”;

·         promote commercialization of genomics technologies by enabling the transfer of genomics-derived solutions from academia to users, as well as de-risking and incentivizing follow-on investment from public and private partners;

·         increase the socio-economic impact of genomics research by accelerating its translation to application or market; and

·         create and foster a more productive interface between academia and users.

Partners must individually or collectively have a demonstrated track record of achieving results and translating discoveries to market or application.  It is expected the academic partner will provide expertise and knowledge with respect to the genomics-derived solution proposed. It is expected the user will provide leadership in the identification of:


·         the key issues to be solved;

·         platforms, services or products to be developed; and

·         how these platforms or services would be exploited or moved forward.



To be eligible for funding, proposals must:


·         respond to the objectives of the GAPP;

·         represent an active partnership between academic(s) and user(s);

·         propose to develop, enhance, or validate a genomics-derived solution (i.e., a product, tool or process whose origin is based in genomics);

·         address key challenges or opportunities defined by the user that require a partnership with academia (i.e., user “pull”); and

·         focus on downstream R&D activities (examples of downstream R&D include proof-of-concept, validation, or product/tool development projects for which there is a significant commercial market potential, or other measurable impacts  such as uptake into practice or policy).

The GAPP is not intended to provide funding for:


·         discovery research projects;

·         the commercial launch of a new product, tool or process; or

·         projects that would normally be funded solely by the user (e.g. industry).


Up to $30 million is available from Genome Canada for this program.


Genome Canada will invest a minimum of $100,000 and a maximum of $2 million for eligible costs in an individual project.  Eligible costs are:


·         salaries and benefits;

·         consumables;

·         equipment; 

·         general and administrative costs; and

·         services from others. 

Genome Canada requires at least two-thirds of the requested funding for eligible costs be obtained through co-funding from other sources, with at least one-third from the industry or end user partner.  Projects are funded for a term of up to 3 years.


Application process:
This funding opportunity has a three-step application process:  1) Draft Expression of  Interest (EOI); 2) invited Project Pitch; 3) invited Supplementary Proposal.

If you plan to submit a Draft EOI, please contact Grace Kim,  Assistant Director, Development, Research Office for Administration, Development, and Support (ROADS), at or extension 24765 by April 26, 2016.

The Draft EOI is due to ROADS by May 2, 2016.

Draft Expressions of Interest must be received by the Ontario Genomics by May 10, 2016.

Only Expressions of Interest that have passed Genome Canada’s initial screening process will be invited to the Project Pitch, July/mid-August, 2016.  Invited Supplementary Proposals are due to Ontario Genomics, September 19, 2016; to Genome Canada, September 30, 2016.   


Please note this is a rolling competition and the deadlines above are for the seventh intake of applicants.

More information:

Additional information regarding the Genomic Applications Partnership Program (GAPP) can be found on the Ontario Genomics website at: