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Connect Grants Program - Level 3

Level 3 Connect Grants provide up to $25,000 to organize non-recurring, national-scope research planning workshops aimed at building substantial, new research collaborations between post-secondary researchers and partners in industry, government, not-for-profit and other knowledge end-user groups.

Eligible expenses include the above as well as:

  • support for up to two international academic participants who provide unique and key perspectives critical to achieving the overall workshop objectives; such requests must be clearly justified.


Application Process:

Proposals can be submitted at any time. University and non-academic collaborators are expected to work together to prepare proposals.

If you plan to apply, please contact Nathan Coschi, Senior Advisor, at or extension 21581. He will assist you with development of your application.



  • These applications can be submitted by researchers or administrators at NSERC-eligible universities or colleges.
  • University applications must be in the natural sciences or engineering; however, college applications may be in any discipline.
  • Applications from other organizations, private sector firms or government departments or agencies for national workshops will not be accepted.
  • These workshops will normally be organized and championed by at least one academic and one non-academic leader.
  • Workshop participation must include academic researchers and members of non-academic end-user organizations (e.g., industry, government, not-for profit organizations, etc.).
  • Workshops may include up to two foreign academic participants who can provide examples of best practices in the field and help build collaborations among Canadian organizations.
  • Workshop discussions must aim to strengthen interchanges between the academic and non-academic participants, and focus on forward-looking collaborations rather than review past accomplishments.
  • Applications are required to demonstrate how the proposed workshop will address topics such as:
    • research priorities and knowledge gaps from the perspectives of industry, government and post-secondary institutions;
    • current research capacity and future needs;
    • highly qualified personnel training and skills needs;
    • knowledge/technology transfer potential;
    • funding challenges and opportunities;
    • existing and potential new collaborations; and
    • next steps for proceeding toward collaborative activities.
  • Applications should provide a rationale for the workshop, plans for the workshop, including a tentative agenda, list of invitees, and expected outcomes.
  • Applicants must also explain the nature of the envisioned future research collaboration, as well as the anticipated future applications to NSERC.
  • A detailed expense budget is required.
  • A workshop may be held in conjunction with another professional event such as a conference; however, applicants must clearly demonstrate how the workshop activities will be distinct from other conferences or meetings and directly relate to Connect objectives.



The maximum value of each award is $25,000. Contributions from the non-academic partners are strongly encouraged and give greater credence to the proposal.

The workshop must take place in the 12 months that follow the announcement of the award.


More Information:
If you have any questions regarding the Level 3 Connect Grants, please contact Nathan Coschi, Senior Advisor, at or extension 21581.

Additional information regarding the Connect Grants can also be found on the NSERC website at