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Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks (SPG-N)

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) is now accepting preliminary applications for the Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks (SPG-N) program. Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks fund large-scale, multi-disciplinary research projects in targeted research areas that require a network approach and that involve collaboration between academic researchers and Canadian-based organizations. Strategic Networks may be national, regional, or under exceptional circumstances, local.


It is expected that these grants will:

  • generate new knowledge/technology with the strong potential to strengthen Canada’s industrial base, generate wealth, create employment and/or influence Canadian public policy in areas of strategic importance;
  • increase the number of highly qualified personnel in the areas targeted by these grants;
  • foster the increased participation of Canadian-based companies and/or government organizations in academic research; and
  • result in the transfer of knowledge/technology and expertise to Canadian-based companies that are well-positioned to apply the results for economic gain, or to government organizations to strengthen public policy.


The proposed research must support the goal of Strategic Partnership Grants and fall within the targeted areas defined below.



The applicant should be an established researcher with a solid track record in collaborative research, student training and grant management, and who demonstrates the leadership and other skills necessary for managing a complex, interdisciplinary, multi-institutional project.

Network proposals are required to have an international engagement strategy.

To be funded, a Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks proposal must meet the following requirements:

  • The network must support the objective of the SPG-N Program and fall within the identified targeted areas of the competition year.
  • The objectives and scope of the network must be well-defined and the research results achievable within a five-year time frame.
  • The network must involve a minimum of five academic researchers who are eligible to receive NSERC funding, from at least three separate departments, faculties or institutions.
  • The network must have the strong commitment and active involvement of Canadian-based partners from relevant sectors (industrial, government), as appropriate for the research area. These organizations must be involved in all stages of the network, from development of the proposal to exploitation of the research results for the benefit of Canada.
  • The network must have a strategy for international collaboration, which may involve establishing or enhancing Canada’s leadership role, leveraging international partners’ expertise and/or facilitating dialogue for international collaboration in areas of mutually beneficial interest to further network goals.
  • The network must offer opportunities for enhanced training of highly qualified personnel that takes advantage of the multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral environment of a network.
  • The network must have an appropriate management structure to direct, manage and integrate its activities.
  • The network must have a strategy for knowledge and technology transfer to all stakeholders and the general public, as appropriate, that conforms with NSERC’s Policy on Intellectual Property (IP)


It is a requirement that you review the Active Networks to ensure that your proposal does not overlap with any existing networks.



Preliminary applications must be forwarded by ROADS to NSERC by April 1.

Applicants invited to submit a full proposal must do so within six months of the notification of acceptance of the preliminary application.


More information: 

If you have any questions regarding the SPG-N program, please contact Grace Kim, Assistant Director, Development, ROADS, at or extension 24765.

Additional information about the Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks Program can be found on the NSERC website at