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Access to residual ARB Grant Funds

Access to residual ARB Grant Funds

End date Extensions to Arts Research Board (ARB) Grant Funds


In accordance with ARB award conditions unspent funds will be transferred back to the institutional account at the end of the formal ARB grant period.  The ARB institutional account is a McMaster account that is held under the authority of the VP Research and International Affairs.  Any unspent funds to close down/ finish off their research. This applies to most standard individual  ARB grants.  Please refer to the ARB web sites for specific details on the different funding programs.  Any residual funds beyond this period are automatically either retained by the University or returned to the granting agency depending on the funding program.

Application/Approval for access to residual funds

Researchers may submit a request to ROADS prior to the end of February outlining the need for all or some of the funds that they anticipate will remain in their ARB grant account as at the end of March. If the researcher applies for ARB renewal, application to access residual funds should not commence until after a decision has been released by the ARB. 

To request access to the remaining funds, an “Application for an Arts Research Board Funding End Date Extension” form must be completed by the researcher; which includes a brief description or abstract of their intended research, a budget and budget justification, rationale how the proposed research relates to their current research, etc. Approvals for continuing access to the funds will normally not exceed one year.  Requests should be submitted by the principal investigator of the original grant and approved by the researcher's department Chair and Dean.  

If the access to the funds is approved, the researcher will receive an approval confirmation letter/e-mail, copied to the Department Chair, Dean, and Research Finance, that stipulates any approval conditions and provides the researcher with an outline of the timing and administrative process that will occur after the end of March.  Researchers are expected to follow the ARB guidelines relative to the use of these funds. 

It is a condition of this approval that the researcher maintains their working status at McMaster.  Professors who retire may also continue to access these funds if they have an eligible appointment to hold a research account.

Grant number

At the end of the terminal year, the ARB grant will be closed and all remaining funds will be transferred out unless approval for continued access to funds has occurred.  Approved extensions will continue to be administered by Research Finance within the original account.  Funds transferred out will be used at the discretion of the VP Research.  This process may take up to two months due to the high priority of new and renewing awards.